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I've crocheted some stuff, which I'll be posting soon. I made an Oni-G (FUNimation's onigiri mascot), a ninja turtle, and a Pikachu.
I'm at Tokyo in Tulsa right now! Yay!

Things have been pretty good, but my table in right next to a giant window, and the sun beats down on everyone for a few hours. Not fun. I was Googling golf umbrellas and DIY shades. Here's hoping Saturday will be good. I owe Hoihoisan money. :P

Next month I'll be at Motaku for more artist alley, a panel, and cosplay.

Side note: I need to do more arts.
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I'll be in the Artist Alley at Motaku! (October 8-10 in Kansas City, MO Come by and say, "Hi", and buy a button or commission. I'll have buttons, other small stuff, maybe prints. I'll post previews here when it gets closer to the con.

I'm also working on some original design amigurumi. I'll have at least the prototype at my table. So, let me know what you think.
I was going to have an artist alley table at Ikkicon, but nothing was ever finalized. So, for those of you expecting me there, I apologize. I will not be coming. My next con will probably be Chibi Ushicon.

If people are interested in buttons or commissions, leave a comment or email me.
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Hey, everybody!

I've been doing Artist Alley for about a year now, but this will by first time being in A-Kon's Artist Alley. So, if you will be attending the convention, I hope you come by to visit me! I'll have buttons, cellphone charms, prints, and maybe some more stuff. I'll also be happy to do commissions. If you're curious about pricing, just come by my table, as I can't remember it off the top of my head.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, I'll have some art in my gallery, but I'm at work and lunch break is almost over.

So far my other cons for this year are:

Tokyo in Tulsa -
AnimeFEST (maybe?)-
Yule Con -
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